Tailored IT strategy to solve business issues and help you move to the cloud.


Web & Mobile Applications Development.

Ready to go online and global? Harness the Internet into running an application that lives online–always on, always available from whichever device your users want wherever they want to access it from.  INTELLYCT  Web & Mobile Application Development services can help you get it running.  Our teams use rapid prototyping and agile development methodologies to create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces for our clients.  We can also develop and deploy your web application to the cloud services provider of your choice; we’ve worked with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure and more……

E-Commerce Platform Development .

Intellyct specializes in custom-made e-commerce platforms from inception to full-scale deployment on cloud platforms.  The expertise stems from Supply Cart@Amazon, an Intellyct owned e-commerce product which uses dynamic pricing algorithms to win “buy box” status from Amazon.  We can help you design and implement a scalable and redundant solution which caters to your portfolio….

  • Entirely cloud based
  • Any number of devices
  • Disaster recovery
  • Access from anywhere
  • Real-time backups


Intellyct has developed embedded systems, firmware and applications which enabled our customers to harness the power of cloud and IoT ecosystem.  Besides firmware development, we can provide mobile app development, customized dashboards, and integration with IoT platform and enterprise systems.  These enhancements allow customers to keep track and communicate with IoT devices via industry-standard protocols.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning .

High-performing companies use analytic solutions strategically. Making analytics and metrics easy for employees to use will help the people within your company understand your business and achieve success. Machine learning and Data Analytics strategy empowers your employees with the right information at the right time. Analytics can also be a great add-on capability for any enterprise which aims to extract insights from huge amounts of data churned out by IoT devices.  

DevOps .

Our DevOps engineers analyze key pain points, draw a road map and recommend tools and processes to automate deployment cycle across your delivery infrastructure. We automate end to end delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click with risks mitigated and productivity increased. We assist your core team in ensuring a full-fledged integrated functioning of the delivery pipeline automation cycle and in adapting your automated deployment cycle to changes.

Firmware / Embedded Systems .

The real-time requirements of embedded systems necessitate special operating systems and middleware to reduce latency and to fully exploit the interconnects and processors. The fact that hardware and software are differently enabled allows us to put together a solution that takes advantage of both the worlds to meet the contrasting demands.


After deployment, our engineers can provide on-going support and maintenance of your application to ensure 24/7 availability for your customers.







A hardware software co-design company with focus on digital applications and IoT solutions.